Written by Emoji Nakamoto & Artwork by Indelible Trade

Ups, Downs, Forecasts And Laughs in this Year’s PredictionCast

2019 was an incredible year for Crypto. As the fog of bull market mania lifted, clear eyes and productive minds prevailed. This year saw the entire ecosystem reshape itself into a leaner, more project oriented form, and built upon the monumental works of years past, leaving the hucksterism behind. But what’s in store for 2020? In this episode of HodlCast, we ask everyone, from blockchain blowhards to industry mainstays, to find out.

Tone Vays, MikeInSpace, Lyn Ulbricht, and dozens of others weigh in on what the next year in Crypto might look like. Sasha, our host, opens on a sober note, with insights about the state of the regulatory environment, followed by Tone’s gloomy financial forecast. Other predictions range from a new Satoshi Nakamoto and Andrew Yang winning the presidency to new grey markets emerging on the global stage. It’s a roller-coaster of insightful analysis and off-the-wall moonshots that might reveal some possibilities you hadn’t considered for Crypto in 2020.

Mrs. Ulbricht delivers a touching plea for clemency for her son, legal experts weigh in on what to expect for your taxes and business prospects, and a rogues gallery of comedic figures deliver biting satire and gags, playing on the many ironies and contradictions in Crypto we’ve all become familiar with over the years.

So what really is in store for 2020? Tune into the Hodlcast, anywhere podcasts are available, and find out: one week at a time.