In this installation of Hodlcast, we get political, with community organizer and CEO of Blockchain Center Miami, Eryka Gemma. From working with the Libertarian Party, to the inception of the Blockchain Center, Sasha and Eryka hash out the social aspects of these emerging and often ill-understood technologies that we call “Blockchain”.

Miami is a hotbed for Cryptocurrency businesses and development, and Eryka explains how her rocky experiences with politics and corporate America lead her to organizing there. While their reception in Miami was good initially, she outlines how difficult it was after the 2017 crash, and how she retained a core of support that grew into the Blockchain Center:

“When the bear market happened, I started hosting my meetups in bars, like in American social. And so I saw it go from like 90 people to, you know, 10 people. But it was good cause the people that came out, you knew they were really dedicated. So it definitely let a lot of the fluff go. It was almost like, we had already built the community. It was already there.”

From there, she outlines the Center’s promotion activities, and how important reaching a general audience and making crypto more accessible to the layman is a primary goal for their organization. They also discuss more practical outreach events, like the Miami Bitcoin Hackathon, and a new crypto job fair they’re trying to promote.

The discussion transitions to a range of topics, from Crypto regulation to the logistics involved in coordinated event hosting. You’ll have to listen to the full episode to get the details. Luckily, though, you can keep track of a range of Crypto topics, from international to local, by subscribing to HodlCast wherever podcasts are available:

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