Sasha HodlerSash Hodder

Sasha A. Hodder, MBA, Esq.

Attorney at DLT Law Group, P.A.

Host of the HodlCast Podcast

I am an Attorney with DLT Law Group, P.A. where we support crypto-related businesses. I help my clients navigate the variety of applicable regulations. I have worked with companies attempting to launch crypto-exchanges, establish LLCs in America and abroad, apply for various money transmission licenses; respond to SEC subpoenas, start crypto-hedge funds, operate a fleet of Bitcoin ATMs, and fundraise through Regulation D and CF. 

I am a regular guest on the Tone Vays Bitcoin Law Review Show where a group of prominent crypto attorneys discuss the legal news. I am the host of the HodlCast podcast, a show focused primarily on crypto regulation. These interviews have given me a deeper understanding of the industry from many unique viewpoints.

I am a curator for the MerkleReport and a guest writer for Bitcoin Magazine. 


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